Niche Home Based Cake Business Ideas

Niche Home Based Cake Business Ideas

Niche Home Based Cake Business Ideas teaches you several ways to specialize your baking business and carve out a profitable niche for yourself in the cake market. It includes numerous color photos of unique cakes for your inspiration.

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Book Excerpt

The first thing that you have to do when starting a cake business regardless of whether it is a niche cake business or not, is to contact your local business authorities and find out the requirements for setting up a cake business from home. These may include obtaining licenses, permits, insurance and health certifications. Then, set out to fulfill all the requirements and as you do so, keep meticulous records of all your business expenses. 

After laying the groundwork for your at home based business, you can now begin with the creative process. One unique home based cake business idea is to specialize in baking diabetic cakes. You can tweak your favorite cake recipe and replace the sugar with natural sweeteners such as dried fruit puree, natural fruit juices, agave or honey. Or, you can use artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame or NutraSweet, Sucralose or Splenda and saccharin instead of sugar.

After you have perfected your diabetic cake recipe, you can then adapt it to create several product lines from that one recipe as you bake and sell:
1. Diabetic Corporate Branded Cakes
Use your special cake recipe to bake diabetic cakes with company logos as they are perfect as edible corporate gifts for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving or Thank You presents. Corporate branded cakes are also great as edible promotional merchandise for company anniversaries, product launches and media events.

You can market your diabetic corporate branded cakes to hospital and nursing home kitchens and cafeterias as well as to those who stock their vending machines. You can also market your diabetic corporate cakes to diabetic clinics, diabetic educational centers, churches and any other place where there is a high likelihood of a large number of diabetics congregating.  
Corporate branded diabetic cake

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Niche Home Based Cake Business Ideas