Digital Photography Rules

Digital Photography Rules

The Digital Photography Rules uses real photographs and clear explanations to teach you the main principles of picture composition so that you can improve your digital camera photography skills regardless of whether you want to create an extra source of passive income by selling stock photos online or you just take better pictures for fun.

Topics Covered in Digital Photography Rules include:
1. The Photography Rule of Thirds
2. The Diagonal Section Rule
3. The Golden Section Rules
4. The Golden Triangle Rule
5. Using Vertical Lines
6. Using Horizontal Lines
7. Using Curved Lines
8. Using Radiating Lines
9. Framing Photos
10. Breaking Photography Rules Successfully

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Book Excerpt

Photography Rule of Thirds
The Rule of Thirds is determined by drawing two parallel horizontal lines and two parallel vertical lines in order to divide your view finder or picture into 9 equal spaces.
The Rule of Thirds then advocates that the subject of the photo should be placed where any of the parallel lines meet or on those parallel lines which means that the subject should be 1/3 up or 1/3 down or 1/3 to the right or 1/3 to the left of the center of the photo because that is where the eye is naturally drawn.

For example in the following photo you can see that the sky takes up approximately 2/3 of the photo while the trees and grass take up 1/3 because the sky is the area of interest in this photo.
If the vegetation is the area of interest in your landscape photos, then let it take up 2/3 of the image while the sky takes up the remaining 1/3.

Photography Rule of Thirds

In the photo below you can see that the cherry and cream are 1/3 up and also where two parallel lines meet and thus at the point of reference where the subject of the photo should be placed.
Photography Rule of Thirds
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Digital Photography Rules