How to Blend Essential Oils

How to Blend Essential Oils

How to Blend Essential Oils teaches you how to create a healing mixture of essential oils that has a pleasant scent. These therapeutic blends can then be used to create healing massage oils, handmade lotions, homemade soap and hand poured scented candles.

Table of Contents:
What is blending essential oils?
Top notes
Middle notes
Base notes
General rules for blending essential oils
Practical examples of blending essential oils
Useful formulas for diluting blended essential oils

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Book Excerpt
What is Blending Essential Oils?
Blending essential oils is the art of mixing different essential oils so that you can create a healing mixture that has a pleasing aroma to your olfactory organs or sense of smell.
To make well balanced essential oil blends, you have to consider the volatility of the different essential oils and mix the essential oils appropriately. To do this, you have to know whether an essential oil is a top note, a middle note or a base note.
Top Notes    
These are the essential oils with scents that evaporate the fastest and therefore they are first ones you smell. These scents are generally light, flowery, fruity and uplifting.
Examples of top notes include bergamot essential oil, clary sage essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, lemon essential oil, orange essential oil, petitgrain essential oil and tea tree essential oil.