Christian Stress Management Course

The Christian Stress Management Course is a stress free, self paced, home based course which teaches you how to manage stress by combining Biblical principles with medical relaxation techniques.

This Biblical stress management approach is important for managing stress because some stressful situations cannot be resolved by medical relaxation techniques alone or even problem solving strategies. Perfect examples of such situations include having to live with the consequences of childhood physical, mental or sexual abuse.

In these and similar stressful situations, one needs a solution from above which can only be found in the Word of God. Therefore this Christian Stress Management Training Course teaches you how to combine medical relaxation techniques with Biblical principles so that you can cope successfully with all stressful situations including  the chronic ones without developing physical and mental stress related illnesses.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course you will be able to:
1. Define stress
2. Name different sources of stress
3. Explain how the body responds to stress
4. Describe the physical, mental, emotional and behavioral symptoms of stress
5. Manage stress by using Biblical principles
6. Manage stress by using medical relaxation techniques
7. Know how to stop worrying
8. Know how to defeat fear
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Lesson 1A What is Stress?
Chapter 2. Lesson 1B How Does the Body Respond to Stress?
Chapter 3. Lesson 1C What are the Symptoms of Stress?
Chapter 4. Lesson 2A Biblical Stress Management Principle #1
Chapter 5. Lesson 2B Medical Relaxation Technique #1
Chapter 6. Lesson 3A Biblical Stress Management Principle #2
Chapter 7. Lesson 3B Medical Relaxation Technique #2
Chapter 8. Lesson 4A Biblical Stress Management Principle #3
Chapter 9. Lesson 4B Medical Relaxation Technique #3
Chapter 10. Lesson 5A Biblical Stress Management Principle #4
Chapter 11. Lesson 5B Medical Relaxation Technique #4
Chapter 12. Lesson 6A Biblical Stress Management Principle #5
Chapter 13. Lesson 6B Medical Relaxation Technique #5
Chapter 14. Lesson 7A Biblical Stress Management Principle #6
Chapter 15. Lesson 8B Medical Relaxation Technique #6
Chapter 16. Lesson 9A Biblical Stress Management Principle #7
Chapter 17. Lesson 9B Medical Relaxation Technique #7

Course Excerpt
Biblical Stress Management Principle #1: Pray 
The first thing you should do in any stressful situation is ask God what you should do about it. Seek His direction first and Do not be wise in your own eyes. (Proverbs 3:7)

Pray for He says, Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know (Jeremiah 33:3) and these fresh insights will help you make better decisions.

As you pray, even if you are the only one praying for yourself and even if you have made many big mistakes, pray with the confidence that God is listening to you and He will answer your prayers because We do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. (Hebrews 4: 15-16)

As you pray, remember that God cares for you and you do not have to develop stress related illnesses from carrying mental burdens. Therefore, Cast your burdens on the Lord, and He shall sustain you (Psalm 55: 22) because He cares for you.

Cast your burdens to the Lord by telling Him all your problems and all the people who are stressing you to Him so that He can deal with them and then promise yourself that once you have released your burdens you will never pick them up again.
Medical Relaxation Technique #1: Abdominal Breathing
Abdominal breathing or diaphragmatic breathing or deep breathing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to counter act the body’s stress response.

Abdominal breathing has been found to be effective in reducing muscle tension and heart rates which increase when someone is stressed. It has also been found to be beneficial in the management of stress related headaches, fatigue and panic attacks.

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